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I have no idea what business Weichert is in as they do not respond to someone seeking to purchase real estate. It is impossible to get someone on the phone who can actually provide information and broker a deal. I have made several phone calls. I've been promised call backs, but nothing seems to move them. I said I was a motivated buyer and identified a property for them but it made no difference. I get shunted from one office to another.... Read more

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Worse Relators group. Rented a house, told owners won't be back. Had to sign an amendment of 60 day notice to evacuate if owners were to come back. Told u likely to happen in less than one year. Happened 2 months later. The amount of money I lost on moving, security deposits, etc was INSANE! The owners came back 2 months later. What a *** rip off! Unprofessional staff. Turn around time for deposit check return was greater than 60 days!!! Never... Read more

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I was using a Weichert realtor/ Sharon Mondile Madorma to sell my house. She knew I would be spending the winter in Florida and asked me to rent a room to her daughter and that her daughter would keep an eye on my house. While I was away the daughter had her heroin addict friends move into my house and rifled through all my drawers, closets and basement and robbed me blind even sleeping in my bed. I had the police escort them out. I never even... Read more

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I had contacted Susan about buying a home - I was visiting from New Jersey and had expected to spend the day looking at prospective homes. She suggested a time and place and subsequently confirmed the same via email. After I'd showed up and waited for 30 minutes, having tried unsuccessfully to reach here, I left disappointed. She was unreachable for a couple of hours after. There has been no to date. This is highly unprofessional and ... Read more

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I was selling a house that was in contract. The house when inspected needed some repairs that the buyer wanted an excessive amount of the price of the house. I decided to not repair and remove from market while I repaired my own property. They refused to remove the listing than a statement was released that the house was on hold and that there were major termite infestation - structural etc. What a disgraceful way for a firm to act. ... Read more

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I can say this was truly the worst closing I have ever had in my life. The staff was incompetent and uncaring...we did not chose this title company, but our buyers did. They made huge errors at every turn. They did not stick with a closing date (forced us to push it out 2 weeks, then came back and wanted it 2 days before the original date), did not include the taxes our buyers were owed (despite my realtor calling several times to try to correct... Read more

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Darren Samsel of Weichert Realtors Doylestown had a buyer interested in our condo. The realtor notes specified that we only can do conventional. He had a letter stating that she was approved for a conventional. NOT TRUE. It was not a true conventional mortgage, but tied to FHA. The agreement was signed in early November. We moved forward with buying a new house, paid for appraisals, inspections, etc., not to mention all the little costs for... Read more

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I am very dissappointed at one realtor's behavior at the Annandale, VA office. I called him regarding his unprofessional remarks he made towards my mother. Once he knew who I was he got angry and called me the b word and said shut up and said hang up and hung up the phone. This makes him have a very bad view of representing Weichert Realtors. Febe

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Very frustrating and disappointing experience as seller with Maplewood NJ realtors' Gould. The good news is my house sold. In general a hurry up and sell attitude that made me feel under represented and lack confidence. Specifically: Operationally it was disorganized: too many people involved; poor communication: realtor stopped contact when I agreed to sale, agent never contacted me to congratulate on sale or offer well wishes or thanks,... Read more

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Argumentative, take no responsibility for their own actions. Could potentially be the reason for a loss of home by the Buyer. Used the same property while under agreement as a bait & switch tactic on Zillow and claims they have nothing to do with Zillow. Clearly only they would have the ability to make changes and it is clear on Zillow's website that they made that change. In Massachusetts as well as the Federal Government it is illegal to... Read more

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