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I joined the weichert team and the first two weeks of being in their presence they accused me of being on drugs when I am Italian and Half Puerto Rican and my eyes are dark, they told me that my clothes were not appropriate for their office and they even mentioned for me to get plastic surgery for my eyes. I was told numerous amounts of times about my eyes and also felt very unmotivated to go into the office and at that time was very busy and wanting to do a good job. Finally, I had a client I had everything done it was the mortgage broker that actually could not get the mortgage closed on the day that my clients wanted to close, I did everything in my power to get them into the home and the seller's lawyer refused my hands were tied and I had nothing to do with the hold up with the mortgage it was the buyer's negligence of not getting the right paperwork in on a timely manner, they called my broker because they did not get their way which is Ed English and told him I left them homeless, etc., one week before Christmas he called me did not ask me the specifics of the problem "told me your fired" "cursed me" f***** fired were exact words". I had stressed over the Holiday waiting so long not knowing if I was going to receive my monies are not. I was left with no money for Christmas and in Foreclosure on my home. I want to go forth and really sue the company he used the clients complaint in order to fire me because of my eyes being dark making comments on Italian people and the location of south philadelphia he was very unprofessional, prejudice and the whole office is the same way, if you are not white with a 900 credit score you are nothing but dirt to them. He falsely fired me, cursed me and I want a lawyer that really know what he is doing to go after this kind of discrimination without being afraid of taking on a big company called around NJ and every lawyer I spoke to said there is nothing they could do.

And not only was this Weichert, I was almost hit by a guy that was also prejudice in Re/Max Pat which was removed but retired.

I never believed that I could be so hurt, unmotivated and my lively hood ruined and be treated like a piece of dirt.

I do come from South Philadelphia and proud of it and all I have to say is I can't wait to go back but not until I get this state and everyone in it that ruined my motivation.

They will see me again and on judgement day Karma is a ***. May God Bless them all the way they deserve to be.

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Yup, they have some very smug people working there who are extremely impressed with themselves.

This is just a symptom of what must be lacking in their own lives.

One particularly offensive associate would refer to co-workers as having "A&P orange dyed hair", ridiculing their attire, hair styles (as well as choice of color).

They have another unstable woman that goes around bullying everyone she encounters.

Your eyes are probably just fine, and were commented upon by someone either put off by your youth or beauty. Simple as that.

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Try the EEOC-it's free and they will examine discrimination and wrongful terminations. Good luck- I know they have lost more than their share of lawsuits.

Maybe EEOC can help you. Good luck.

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I know how you feel I got suckered into signing a very bad rental agreement I didn't get to see it until 5 days before I moved in. they came up with allot of execuses not to give me the rental agreement.

so I was force to sign it.

to make things worse they kicked me out of the rental property which was a violation of the rental agreement. you should record your conversations I did and I posted them on I called and complained at HQ they did nothing and the property manager sent them proof that I got illegally kicked out of the rental property but HQ did not care.

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