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Weichert reality is driving me nuts. My real estate agent won't call me or even put ads up.

My wife and I complained to the manager of the allentown office beause our realtors home office of bethlehem won't call us back. He refused to look at my phone records and e-mails to prove this "agent" isn't contacting me. He basically told me to go shove off. I've never seen such disregard for customer service as I've seen from Weichert.

I know I'm within my rights to cancel the contract for non performance of this agents job and they could care less. If anyone can help please post a reply.

signed one very frustrated homeowner.

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weichart reality has since tried to fix the problems we had experienced. They removed our crazy agent and have sent us a much better person who seems intent on getting the job done right. Complaining did help us get the service we deserved.

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